A Change in Template Generates Results!

Change is hard! With email change can even be more overwhelming because what you are doing now is likely something with which you are comfortable.  However, isn’t it time to leave that comfort zone?  We tend to lose site over the impact that small changes to our email program can have.  We test subject lines and day of week (more on that one later), the length of the email, text vs. image, and the frequency in which a subscriber should be mailed.  All of these tests provide us good insight into how we should be engaging with our subscribers.  However, sometimes we need to also look at our email template as a way to increase results.
We understand that changing your email template is probably the last thing you want to think about.  This is why for many brands we see the same template for years. After all, changing your email template can be the most resource intensive use of your team.
What if changing your template could significantly increase engagement rates and that increase in engagement rates led to an increase in revenue, and also reengaged lapsed customers?
If that could happen, wouldn’t this make the template change worthwhile?
One Small Change Resulting in Big Engagement
We’ve had this conversation with many clients over the years.  Recently, we partnered with one of our clients in the restaurant industry as well as their creative agency to develop a new email template.  We wanted to create something that would allow for more promotion by utilizing smaller imagery with text.
The new template generated engagement rates that were 40% higher than the previous campaigns.  By increasing the engagement, revenue also increased by 37%.  What was most impressive was that of those who purchased from the new template, 18% had previously been considered lapsed because they hadn’t purchased in more than 90 days.  Our goal had been to increase the engagement rates thus increasing revenue.  However, we didn’t anticipate that this would also allow us to win back customers. 
We love the fact that both small and large changes to email programs can have such a big impact.

 Article writen for Only Influencers