Do any of the below describe the current status of your email marketing efforts?

I want to start utilizing email for my business but don’t know where to start

I have started obtaining subscribers but I don’t have an email to send them

I send email for my business but only occasionally

I don’t know how to create an engaging email template that will also increase revenue

I have a good number of social media followers but I don’t believe that the majority are actual customers

Our email marketing starter package is the best place to start a customer email program and is completely cutomizable. Email Marketing has an ROI that is 3x higher than social media,  so if you aren’t sending emails today you are leaving money on the table.  We know that email marketing increases customer loyalty and revenue.  As a digital channel it proves itself year after year. 

We can help you get started today! 

Our Starter Package is great for a small business trying to get started with email marketing and is customizable to include any or all of the following:
Email Acquisition

Email Template Development

Email Account Setup in MailChimp
(including ensuring that your email acquisitions efforts are working in real time)

Automation Setup

Program Objective Setting


Want to get started today? 
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